How Nitrous Oxide Works

Nitrous Application preview from Bradley David Automotive Animation
Nitrous Oxide Simulation

What is Nitrous? Simply put, Nitrous (N2O) creates large amounts of horsepower by creating more oxygen in the engines cylinder chamber and cooling the air from the intake. Both of which makes the engine more efficient and thus creates more horsepower for short bursts of speed. As N2O is injected, the Nitrous system will also inject more fuel to burn with the extra O2.
2001 Ford Mustang Cobra On Dyno with Nitrous Express SIngle Nozzle

A customer of ours put his 2001 Cobra on our dyno, to check the performance of his NX nitrous system. With 75% humidity and 94 degrees, the mustang made very close to the advertised wheel HP for our nitrous system. We used PN:20922-10 Single nozzle ford system along with a PN: 18959 digital window switch. The switch was set to 6000RPM. Dyno results would have been a little better had we put it to 6500.
Wheel Up! N2O Lunch!

LT1 Camaro launch on Nitrous!