Compressed Air


  • Colorless, odorless gas
  • Non-flammable


- Source of oxygen for burning, decay and industrial oxidations
- Used in air conditioning systems or cooling of hot liquids in heat exchangers
- Used for engine stat-up
- Used in spray painting
- Used in machine shops
- Used in hospitals for incubation and cleaning purposes


Oxygen About 20.95%
Nitrogen About 78%
Argon About 0.934%
Moisture max. 45 ppm


Air is non-corrosive and so any common metal is acceptable, provided the equipment is designed to withstand process pressure.


    Compressed gas is commonly packed and shipped as a high pressure gas in seamless, steel cylinders constructed to Interstate Commerce Commission specifications 3A or 3AA and having a nominal capacities such as 80, 122, 150, 244, and 300 cu. ft. of gaseous nitrous oxide.

    Equipped with safety relief devices which consist of a frangible disc designed to burst under excessive pressure, a core of fusible metal with a low melting point designed to melt and release the gas in case of fire.

Containers Sizes and Color Coding:

Type                     Content   Color-Body      Color-Collar
Standard (42 L)  5.49 m3            Black       Blue

At normal temperature, cylinder pressure ranges from 1800 psig to 2000 psig.
Type of cylinders may vary according to customer’s specification.


- Use only approved pressure  rated equipment
- Store away from fuel gasses
- Never oil or grease on a cylinder or valve
- Open cylinder valve slowly
- Close cylinder valve when not in use
- Cylinders should be secured from falling over